2016 Availability Update

Unless I specify differently at a later date, this will serve as my availability for the rest of the year.

August: Booked solid. Ten hour days, seven days a week.

September: Due to how busy August is, I’m not taking new clients or new projects in September other than from people I’ve already made arrangements with. I’m developing chronic wrist pain again from long hours at the computer and I risk serious injury if I keep up this pace, which is bad for all my clients. The latter half of September, I’ll be on holidays for two weeks, and entirely unavailable.

October: I return to work October 2 and clients are already booking. I can take one copyedit of a short or normal length novel mid-month (70K words or less) and a couple more covers, but that’s it for large design and editing projects.

November: I am really hoping to take this month off of freelancing to focus on my own writing. Unless that plan changes, that means I am not taking any work at all.

December: I’m currently booking projects for this month. Do note it’ll be a lighter month with the holidays, and I’ll be taking few clients. My holiday weeks are typically the last two of the month, and I have a holiday rate of $35/hr on top of my normal charges if you insist on having work done during this time.

The exceptions to the above: Outside of holidays, which I absolutely do not work at all during, I can usually take smaller design projects like ebook formatting (providing the MS is not in really rough shape), interior formatting (provided it’s a simple novel layout and nothing complicated with illustrations, footnotes, etc), and customizing pre-made ebook covers any time. Turn around time will be a few business days to a week or two, depending on my current workload. You never need to ask if I have time to customize the titling on a pre-made cover, for example (but if you need a full-wrap add on, please check my availability as that’s more than a few minutes to do).

Editing is currently being booked into 2017. Please book projects ahead of time, and allow 6-8 weeks at least for turn around.  If you want a faster turn around time, I can do this but it’ll involve a rush charge.

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