Q2 2017 Availability

Although my availability page is updated monthly, here are how the next few months are shaping up.


I’m booked up through June July, now taking clients for July late-July/early-August. I typically only take one edit a month–that way I have a few regular clients I can squeeze a project in for last minute, and it gives me some breathing room to include both pleasure reading and plenty of writing in my schedule. It seems to be the service that fills up the fastest, so please book in advance (and if you request to be penciled in, I’ll need a down payment unless we work together regularly, and I need to be kept informed if the delivery date is going to change).

Cover Art

A few cover projects will probably be completed in the next couple of weeks, so I’m taking new covers for late May and beyond. Unless you have a very short turn around time requested (like a couple of weeks instead of a couple of months), I can usually take new covers at any time.


Websites are another large-scale project that typically should be booked a few months in advance. I have one I’m working on this week, but that’s it for the next few weeks, and I can take another later in May.

Formatting (Interior and eBook)

I can typically take these at any time.


ICYMI, last time I covered why some types of projects end up booked up while others done, and why I am no longer doing pre-made covers.



Pricing has not changed; I am looking at restructuring some of my fees come fall. Remember that projects like cover art have different fee ranges because the more times I’m sent back to the drawing board or have to customize images, the more time is spent on the cover, and that’s reflected in charges. That’s why you may get one cover for $99 but another for $129.


Out of the Office Days

Right now my out of the office days vary. I’m on the board of directors for a not-for-profit, which has taken me out of the office the past few weeks, and I don’t expect it to settle into a rhythm until later in May.

My one-hundred-and-two-year-old grandfather also recently had a fall at home and is in the hospital. I’ve been up to see him a couple of times and he’s doing well, but at his age with a broken hip, there’s no telling how the next few months are going to shape up. Please have patience when sending inquiries–replying to email can end up eating a huge chunk of my day that is better spent actually working on projects for clients, so if I’m out of the office for a few days a week, when I’m home I’m probably busy working and will get to answering inquiries when I’m sending drafts and things off to clients.

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