Q3 2017 Availability Update

Essentially, I am not available right now.

For at least July, I am not taking any new work from new clients. Existing clients can book as usual with the understanding turnaround time might not be until August with bigger projects. I’ll look at taking new clients next month.

Editing is basically booked for the rest of the year at this point–I think I can take something in October.

I did have a death in the family early May, and that week and the weeks leading up to it left me out of the office quite a bit. Clients had release schedules I needed to meet, so I had to triage, and that’s left me with a handful of May/June things to finish this week.

I’m out of the office most days the first week of July, and when I’m in I’ll be working rather than answering email. Thank you for your patience.

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