If you have a question or would like to contact me about a project not listed on the site, please use the following form (not Twitter/Facebook/etc). I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re simply asking “Can I buy a premade cover?” or “Will you do my formatting?” I will just tell you yes and direct you back to the shop to make your payment. If you are asking about my availability, I will point you to the site as I keep that page updated for all clients. If you’re asking for my rates or turn around times, again, I will point you to the site if it’s a common service listed. If you’re inquiring about the cost of design services not listed here, it’s difficult to project a fee but will likely be hourly-based. My out of the office days are listed on my availability page.

Ninety percent of all inquiries are answered on the above two pages and it saves you time if you check there first.

I will not pencil anyone into my schedule without a down payment; the fastest way to guarantee a spot in the queue is to order a service.

I normally answer email within three business days (usually fewer) however I am always unavailable weekends and Canadian holidays. Inquiries from clients go directly to my “work” folder and are not seen by me until my usual office hours. You can always check my availability page to see when I’m out of the office.

I do not accept phone calls under any circumstances.