eBook Formatting (Down Payment)



Fee listed here is a down payment, not total cost. An invoice is sent for remaining amount after formatting is complete.




$30 – $75

Need help formatting your book into MOBI/PRC, EPUB, PDF, HTML, and/or a DOC (like for Smashwords)? I can help with that and I’m familiar with the specifications for various resellers. I’ll provide you with clean files with no weird characters that are accepted by various retailers in the formats you need. The variation in price comes from what state the file is in when it reaches me–if it requires extensive formatting to get things uniform (like if there’s variation in chapter headings or inconsistent spacing), that bumps it to the higher end. This also assumes your book is an average length. Excessively long novels–100K words and up–will increase the cost. Turn around time is a few days to a week or so, depending on my workload.

Please note that asking for revisions AFTER ebook files are delivered will require recharging the minimum formatting fee again, with the exception of errors that are my fault. If you want to change typos or fix things after formatting is done, it’s a new charge. At least half of my clients are asking to change things after the files are done now, and time redoing files is time away from the rest of my clients.