This Month’s Projects

Some rates will be changing in the new year. I’m going to be revamping the site over the holidays and restructuring things, offering new services and tweaking others. All projects booked before January 1 2019 with a down payment will honor the old rates.

I have room in my schedule for just about everything right now. Cover art could be as few as 2-3 weeks turnaround, but plan for 4-6 to be on the safe side. eBook and interior formatting is the usual 3 – 5 business days. I have an editing slot open in November and in December.

2019 editing booking notice: I’m booked in January, April, and June of next year with projects tentatively scheduled in October/November as well.

(Note: you can book at any time. But if I’m booked solid, that means I can’t start your project until I’m done others.)

For large-scale projects, please book well in advance if possible. I only have 1-2 editing slots and 1 website slot open a month and I won’t pencil anyone into my schedule without a down payment first. It messes with my finances to pencil someone in and then have them not deliver the project; please book only when serious.

If you want something done sooner than the turn around times I offer, you are welcome to inquire about a rush charge.


Current Email Queue

Most email I’m getting to within twenty-four hours right now, but two to three business days can happen on busy work days.


Out of the Office Days

Normally I work Monday – Friday from 11am – 6pm EST, with the exception of Canadian holidays and the following days:

  • September 12 – 23

Some inquiries that come in Thursdays/Fridays might not be responded to until Monday or Tuesday. I do not check or answer email on weekends. You can usually  for any major availability updates at my Facebook page.

I am always unavailable weekends and Canadian holidays. Inquiries from clients go directly to my “work” folder and are not seen by me until my usual office hours. Thank you for your patience!


(Updated November 7)