Alteration Fee: starts at $20

I am more than happy to alter text and design elements while we’re working together on your cover, but beyond several rounds of alternations–or after a client-approved cover or interior has been finalized–there is a fee.  My base hourly rate is $40/hr with a minimum of $20, plus possibly the cost of new stock photos in the case of covers. So, for example, if we’ve finalized your cover and then you change your mind about something, or you want to make additional changes after approving your interior book layout, it’s $20 if I spend under a half hour on it; after that, I bill in fifteen minute increments.

This is not just to protect my time but that of my other clients; I want to give each cover the attention it deserves while still keeping my prices down, and infinite alterations on one cover cuts into the time I can spend on others. This is not a fee that is added without prior notification on my part or request on yours–there will never be hidden charges on your final invoice.