Pre-made eBook Covers: $49 – $89*

Once you buy a pre-made cover, it’s yours, and will not be resold by me (it may take a minute to show as “out of stock” on the site).

Upon receipt of full payment, I’ll contact you about the title, author name, series title, and tagline (the latter two are optional). If there is a font change request, I’ll require it at this time. If you require excessive customization of a pre-made cover, you are best off purchasing a custom cover as there will be additional charges for more than small changes (pre-made covers are cheaper because they’re already done).

After the cover with the customized titling has been sent, I’ll make up to one more alteration per the client’s request that is covered with the $49 – $89 fee (so that is two rounds total–the initial customization, and one round to fix any small things). Any subsequent alterations are a minimum of $20 per round (more on this below or here). Upon client approval, I’ll deliver the high-res (300dpi, 6in x 9in) ebook cover, along with the cover sized for Kindle, B&N, and Apple’s specifications. Turn around time is 2-7 business days.

If you require a full wrap design (meaning spine and back cover) for your pre-made front cover, you can purchase a full-wrap add-on from my shop.


* With some exceptions for pre-made full-wraps and cover bundles.